Colorado Pool Fence Laws




Residential Swimming Pools

Drowning is the 2nd major cause of unwilling injury-related death among Colorado kids ages fourteen and below, with only crashes of motor vehicle causing more human deaths.
Children must be safer by following our tips and those provided by Colorado Department of Health and Environment:

  • Enclosure around residential pools and are sure that doors are latched or locked at all times.
  • Strict supervision is vital, since drowning is express and silent and commonly not indicated by scream or splash. Few minutes are enough to lose a child.
  • During social assemblies,nominate an adult as “watcher” to protect youngsters. Change regularly “watchers” to avoid lack of concentration and keep a rigorous supervision.
  • Be aware that most floating devices do not keep kids safe from drowning. Be conscious that toddlers may drown even they use such devices.
  • Take out toys from in and around the swimming pool when not in use, since they attract kids.
  • Keep a telephone & emergency phone numbers at a stone’s throw..
  • Teach your children how to swim but be careful. It is not a guarantee of safety.
  • Forbid running around the pool.
  • Don’t allow youngsters diving into the pool .
  • Learn CPR, a quick restauration of breathing can save a life.

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Public Swimming Pools

The Public swimming pools in Colorado are subjected to the Virginia Graeme Baker Federal Pool and Spa Safety Act

In addition, regulations pertaining to swimming pools in Colorado on Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Signed by the U.S. President Bush on December 2007, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SSAct) is operating since the December 19, 2008. This rule is planned to prevent swimming pools hazards. The risks of pools like body entrapments or disembowelments are more often hidden and fatal.


The Virginia Graeme Baker Act gave U.S. CPSC criteria for pool and spa security. Under the code, every drain covers must fit ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 in all public pools and Spas. The water facilities which have only one main drain other than an unblockable drain must establish a 2nd equipment to contend for entrapments.


The fabrication, the trade or distribution of drain covers which are not in conformity with the security touchstones required by the CPSC is prohibited in USA to ensure that all drain covers available in the market are compliant with safety stipulations.


Each public pools must set up anti-entrapment drain covers and enforce other levels of protection such as SVRS or fences.
A swimming pool contractor should verify that the pool and / or spa are compliant with the federal VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act.


Please note that legislators are constantly updating the pool safety codes and that this information can change without notice.  Please contact your local state or federal agencies for the most up to date information.   To receive a free estimate for a swimming pool fence in your area, please contact Aquaguard Pool Fences.