Florida Pool Fence Laws

Residential Swimming Pools

Access to Swimming Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub—As a back-up to constant adult supervision, Florida law requires the use of one or more safety features for any residential swimming pool (any structure for recreational use that contains water over 24 inches deep), spa, and hot tub constructed in Florida. Under the Florida Building Code and chapter 515 of the Florida Statutes, a new residential pool must have one of the following safety features (please see 424.2.17 of the Florida Building Code):
• Approved barrier isolating the pool from the home
• Approved safety pool cover
• Exit alarm with specified volume equipped on all doors and windows with direct access to the pool
• Self-closing, self-latching device on all doors (include gates) with direct access to the pool
Please also see Chapter 64E-21, Florida Administrative Code, relating to residential swimming pools for more information on Florida requirements relating to pool construction.
WARNING: Failure to comply with these safety requirements could result in a criminal penalty.

Residential swimming pool safety equipment in Florida is also governed by the BOCA POOL BARRIER CODE

Public Swimming Pools


The Public swimming pools safety equipment in Florida is governed by the Virginia Graeme Baker Federal Pool and Spa Safety Act

Enacted by the U.S. President Bush on December 2007, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) is in effect since the December 19, 2008. This rule is designed to foreclose swimming pools hazards. The risks of pools like body entrapments or disembowelments are more often out of sight and lethal.


The Virginia Graeme Baker Act gave U.S. CPSC standards for pool and spa security. Under the code, every drain covers must meet ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 in all public pools and Spas. The water installations which have only one main drain other than an unblockable drain must set up a 2nd device to contend for entrapments.


The manufacture, the trade or distribution of drain covers which are not in compliance with the security criteria required by the CPSC is prohibited in USA to ensure that all drain covers purchasable in the market place are compliant with safety stipulations.


Each public pools must put in anti-entrapment drain covers and implement other levels of security such as safety vacuum release systems or barriers.



Please note that legislators are constantly updating the pool safety codes and that this information can change without notice.  Please contact your local state or federal agencies for the most up to date information.   To receive a free estimate for a swimming pool fence in your area, please contact Aquaguard Pool Fences.