Illinois Pool Fence Laws

Residential Swimming Pools

Illinois residential swimming pool safety is regulated by the  BOCA POOL BARRIER CODE

Public Swimming Pools

Enacted by the U.S. President Bush on December 2007, the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) is effective since the December 19, 2008. This regulation is planned to prevent swimming pools hazards. The risks of pools like body entrapments or disembowelments are more often hidden and mortal.


The Act settled U.S. CPSC criteria for pool and spa insurance. Under the law, every drain covers must match ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 in all public swimming pools and Spas. The water installations which have a single main drain different than an unblockable drain must establish a second system to contend for entrapments.


The fabrication, the sale or retail of drain covers which are not in compliance with the security criteria required by the CPSC is prohibited in USA to ensure that all drain covers available in the market place are compliant with safety specifications.


Each public pools must put in anti-entrapment drain covers and enforce other levels of security such as safety vacuum release systems or enclosure.

A swimming pool contractor should check that the pool and / or spa are compliant with the federal VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act.

Please note that legislators are constantly updating the pool safety codes and that this information can change without notice.  Please contact your local state or federal agencies for the most up to date information.   To receive a free estimate for a swimming pool fence in your area, please contact Aquaguard Pool Fences.